Limited housing options for young people with high care needs is one of the main reasons The Y-House Foundation was started. Our initial housing research showed that many young people enter aged due to a lack of alternate options whilst planning their next moves (modifying a family home, finding supported accommodation, applying for supports etc.).

The Y-House model of care is about providing transitional care and housing to young people leaving hospital and rehabilitation or exiting aged care. The purpose of the program is to provide that stepping stone of rehabilitation and recovery between discharge and either getting back home, living independently or moving on to supported accommodation.

Y-House is all about getting you back on your feet – literally and figuratively – and back to family, friends and living life the way you chose. With on-site rehab facilities including gym and pool providing the necessary tools for a quicker physical recovery, Y-House will also provide a youthful, vibrant and stimulating social environment, providing for a quicker emotional recovery. The Y-House project will cost an estimated $3.5 million in total and is set to service 25 people at a time and anywhere up to 400 people in the first 5 years depending on the length of each individual stay.

Building our first Y-House is a massive undertaking and one that has involved years of planning and research. We are continually working on the model of care development whilst conducting ongoing fundraising for our build. We will share further information about this project on our website and social media channels as it is available. 

If you’d like more information about the Y-House Program or think you might be able to help us
please get in contact with our program team.