The Y-House Foundation Inc.

The Rear View

The Rehabilitation Pool and back courtyard features
The back courtyard and rehabilitation pool area have also been developed with a centre around open spaces and natural light. The outdoor garden space will be utilised with the provision of large, built up garden and vegetable beds as well as outdoor seating and event areas for all to enjoy. With the outlook from the rear of the house out of full sized glass windows, the backyard and rehabilitation pool area will be a central feature of the building for both floors.


Y-House is all about getting you back on your feet – literally and figuratively – and back to family, friends and living life the way you chose. With on-site rehab facilities including gym and pool providing the necessary tools for a quicker physics recovery, Y-House will also provide a youthful, vibrant and stimulating social environment, providing for a quicker emotional recovery. The Y-House project will cost an estimated $3.5 million in total and is set to service 25 people at a time and anywhere up to 400 people in the first 5 years depending on the length of each individual stay.