The Y-House Foundation Inc.


Y-House Art Night 2016

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to be a part of a fabulous Art Night held in Caulfield. Talented Artist Leonie Leivenzon presented some of her best works and generously donated 30% of the profits to Y-House. Across the weekend over $1500 was raised for Y-House!!! You can learn more about Leonie below and see her fantastic art in our photos.

Leonie is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Melbourne. With a background as a GP and Hypnotherapist, Leonie has tried her hand in many different areas. The unifying elements within them all, however, are communication and emotion. These are elements that she continues to draw on with regards to her artwork. The path to becoming an artist arose unexpectedly for Leonie. Her daughter became unwell so she stopped work to care for her. She began painting as a way to keep balance in her life and care for her own wellbeing as she also cared for her daughter. As her daughter’s health began to improve, Leonie continued to focus on her passion for creating.

Leonie works intuitively, beginning with random mark-making using acrylic, spray paint, pastel, stencils and collage. She then works in layers until the painting reveals itself. These layers add a richness and depth to her artwork and she enjoys immersing herself in the kinaesthetic and textural qualities. This is a process in which Leonie must learn to let go and to understand that there are no mistakes Leonie has shown in a number of group exhibitions and has work in private collections both within Australia and around the world.