Starting 25 Jun 2021 - Closing 01 Jul 2021

Y-Work is an exciting new program created by The Y-House Foundation Inc. The Y-Work program is a pilot project that aims towards assisting young people living in aged care by fostering gainful employment opportunities suitable for their skills & needs.

The Y-House Foundation Inc. has recently been awarded an Economic Participation grant from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), which allows us to implement this proof of concept.

With nearly 5,500 young Australians already living in aged care and another 50 entering these facilities every week, it is paramount that action is taken to better the lives of those forced into aged care. Y-Work will attempt to connect young people with potential employers through its program team consisting of Program Manager, Kim Booth, and Program Coordinator, Cain Hartung.

The program team will work closely with identified individuals seeking employment by documenting their stories and broadening coverage of this issue through social media presence. Y-Work will be meeting with potential stakeholders and employers to ensure the success for young people securing employment. As this is a “Greenfield” (pilot) project, Y-Work will be creating the very first known database & registry for young people living in aged care.