We are proud to have such a passionate and committed team leading Y-House. You can find more information about our committees, ambassador and community team below. 

Senior Committee

Georgia Retallick

President & Founder

Georgia founded Y-House in 2010 after learning about the plight of young people living in aged care. In the years that have followed Georgia has obtained degrees in social work and health science, and today leads the Y-House team.

Timothy Cherry

Vice President

Tim is a founding member of Y-House, who remains committed to supporting young people with disabilities today. Tim has

Lisa Nolan

NFP Development

Lisa joined Y-House in 2014 after attending a fundraising event. Lisa is a sponsorship guru and has led multiple

Angela Barker OAM

General Member

Angela is the inspiration behind Y-House. Living in aged care at the age of 16 In 2019 Angela was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her work in the disability and family violence sectors.

Susanne Retallick


Susanne is a founding member of Y-House. She is an administrative gun and loves a process!

Junior Committee

Alex Karantzas

Media and Film

Alex is a star!

Eliza de Bruin


Liza is the best!

David Chisholm


Dave - winner!

Jane Fu


Jane = great!

Community Team

KIm Booth

Program Manager

Kim joined Y-House in 2019 to lead the Y-Work Project funded by the NDIA.

Cain Hartung

Program Coordinator

Cain joined Y-House in 2019.


Edwina Bartholomew

TV presenter