20 Dec
  • By Cain Hartung

Life of the Party

During the COVID-19 Pandemic the Y-House team met weekly with young people living in aged care via video calls. During many of these calls we identified young people living in aged care that would benefit from our COVID-19 Support Program. Each young person we identified was then gifted a Y-House COVID-19 Support Pack including an electronic tablet device to keep them connected with family, friends and support networks. During our calls we met the vibrant & vivacious Nguyet, a 57-year-old woman living in aged care.

Nguyet was easily one of the liveliest characters Y-House has ever had the pleasure of meeting and it is impossible to not smile from ear-to-ear when hanging out with her. Nguyet has been loving her time living in aged care and is an upbeat individual that views every day as a good day. Nguyet enjoys making friends with everyone in her aged care facility and essentially runs the show by keeping everything organised. After leaving school Nguyet entered the workforce and had a stellar 10-year career as a professional chef before having to move into aged care. 

Nguyet has 4 children; 2 identical twin daughters in their 40s and 2 sons in their 30s. However, they haven’t been able to visit her due to the COVID lockdowns began and some have even moved quite far away now. Nguyet does not have her own personal computer or tablet and her face lit up at the prospect of receiving her own device so she can see her children at any given time. Nguyet also loves dancing and invited the Y-House team to go to shopping with her after lockdown. Such a lovely gesture!

Nguyet is the life of the party and was a wonderful recipient of our COVID-19 Support Program. Nguyet has been showing off her brand new tablet device to all of her friends since it arrived!

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