10 Jun
  • By Cain Hartung

Introducing Y-Connect

April 3rd, 2020; The past few weeks have been uncertain at Y-House. Due to the current COVID-19 lockdown and resulting aged care visitation restrictions, some of our Y-Work deliverables have had to be put on hold for the foreseeable future. This is a shame because we were only a few weeks away from taking the exciting step of linking program participants with potential employers. Although this pause in momentum is frustrating, we wont let this deter us from assisting young people living in aged care. 

Due to this recent shift, we have been brainstorming ideas as to how we can better support young people living in aged care during this time. It became very clear to us that the one thing everyone is lacking during these uncertain times, especially those living in aged care, is social engagement. We are already very aware of the fact that 26.1% of young people living in aged care die within their first year there. So it is more imperative than ever that we keep young people engaged with the outside world.

We have now launched Y-Connect; a private Facebook Group for all the young people living in aged care across Australia to connect & interact. Young people will be able to share their stories and experiences, as well as discover ways The Y-House Foundation can assist them with their daily lives. There are no other groups out there like Y-Connect and a lot of RACFs are quickly becoming supporters of this concept. The tricky part is navigating the COVID-19 storm as aged care facilities have a lot to manage right now and sometimes communicating with us is not their top priority. But we’re linking our current program participants with Y-Connect and will aim to do so with as many other young Australians living in aged care as possible. 

The Y-Work Team will recommence Y-Work deliverables once it is safe and appropriate to do so. 

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