15 Apr
  • By Cain Hartung

“I Wish I Was Going To Work Right Now”

The Y-Work Program team ventured out to Moran Aged Care today to give a presentation on the Y-Work Program to a group of younger residents nicknamed “the Rebels”. Kim & I designed our presentation with the goal or sharing who we are and why we do what we do. The goal being to create comfort & trust around who we are as people, to ease the tension around such a big potential life change for this group.

We shared our stories and our passions and then engaged in an icebreaker activity; Two Truths, One Lie. The objective of the game was to take turns going around the room as each person shares two truths and one lie about themselves, in any order, whilst the rest of group tries to guess which statement is the lie. The purpose of this activity was to help everyone gain a better understanding of one another, as well as to have some fun to get everyone in a positive mindset.  

The icebreaker was activity was a huge success as it allowed everyone to participate, regardless of their disability. 

We then got down to talking about the Y-Work program. Kim was clear & concise on what the program would entail, including every step of the entire process. At one point, one of the young people, Paulene, exclaimed “I wish I was going to work right now”, while Simone expressed her desire to start the program straight away. In fact all 5 of The Rebels expressed their desire to participate in the program. 

We’ve locked in group coaching sessions for the next few weeks to get each program participant started on the Y-Work journey. 

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