08 Oct
  • By Cain Hartung

“I Want To Share My Story To Help Others”

August 5th, 2020;
Kim & I met with a young woman named Jodie this afternoon via zoom and it was honestly one of the most enthralling meet & greets we’ve had with a young person (we chatted for 90 minutes!!!). Jodie, who is only 50, gave us a full rundown of how she found herself living in aged care and some of the miraculous recoveries she’s endured when doctors didn’t think she would make it. She has two teenage daughters who live locally, however sadly they have not been able to visit properly since the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. Jodie hasn’t had a mobile phone for years and her only form of contact is through her Samsung tablet device, which is now out-of-date and can no longer update the apps she uses. Jodie couldn’t be a more perfect candidate for the COVID-19 Response Campaign. Jodie loves knitting to pass the time, as well as watching cooking shows and playing games on her tablet device, when it was functioning properly of course. After meeting with Jodie we were keen to set a plan in place to get her a new tablet device as soon as possible.

September 16th, 2020;
Jodie’s package arrived today! She was thrilled to not only receive her gift, but also greatly appreciated the wrapping and the extra little gifts we lovingly fill each care package with.

October 2nd, 2020;
Today we caught up with Jodie to see how she was doing and how her new tablet device is working. Patty, one of our Y-Work team members, also joined on call and was able to meet Jodie for the first time. Jodie spoke about how it’s been really tough not being able to hug her two daughters since COVID lockdowns started. She found it emotionally too difficult to have her daughters visit outside her window because it felt truly impersonal and just isn’t the same. Thankfully, her new tablet device has been a fantastic addition, she says, “It’s great to be able to reliably connect with my family and be able to play games that help me destress”. Jodie was eager to join our Facebook group, Y-Connect, and we have since been chatting nearly every day, especially about our excitement around having both our teams in the footy finals race this year. We will hopefully now be able to keep in touch more frequently and Jodie is excited about the idea of connecting with other people who actually understand what it’s like to be in her position.

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