The Y-House Foundation Inc.

The Ground Floor

Y-House Ground

The ground floor of Y-House is centred around shared living with a strong focus towards access to rehabilitation. The ground floor is full of large open spaces with great accessibility and includes fantastic design features such as built up vegetable and garden beds in the rear courtyard area to aid in the rehabilitation process.

First floor Features
– Y-House office and Reception Space
– Rehabilitation and Gymnasium Area
– Treatment Rooms
– Lounge Area
– Large Living Space
– Large Dining Area
– Commercial Kitchen Area complete with commercial fridge and freezer
– Large Laundry Space
– Indoor Rehabilitation Pool and Hydro Spa
– Outdoor Tai-Chi Garden

Y-House will be made up of many moving parts. Other than the initial design and build there is also a huge fit out list for the building including furniture, appliances, rehabilitation equipment and office supplies. If you or anyone you know are able to donate physical items or money to purchase an item please contact us here.


Y-House is all about getting you back on your feet – literally and figuratively – and back to family, friends and living life the way you chose. With on-site rehab facilities including gym and pool providing the necessary tools for a quicker physics recovery, Y-House will also provide a youthful, vibrant and stimulating social environment, providing for a quicker emotional recovery. The Y-House project will cost an estimated $3.5 million in total and is set to service 25 people at a time and anywhere up to 400 people in the first 5 years depending on the length of each individual stay.