The work we do at Y-House would not be possible without the fabulous support of all our volunteers! We have a number of different volunteer roles available at the moment. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please contact us at

Event Volunteers

These are the volunteers that setup, attend and manage the smooth running of Y-House events. Event volunteers help with administrative setup and maintenance as well as processing donations and eftpos payments at the event. One of our biggest events is The Y-House Ball which would not be possible without the ongoing support of our awesome event volunteers.


Administrative Volunteers
Administrative volunteers help with anything from website development and updates to finance and banking, filing and data entry. These types of volunteers can volunteer in our office, at meetings/events or from home.


Committee Volunteers
All of the positions on our Junior and Senior Committees are volunteer positions. We are always looking for extra members and extra help with these committees. Members of each committee are expected to commit 4 hours to Y-House meetings and correspondence per month as well as attendance at events and involvement with campaigns and/or projects. We are currently looking for passionate members to join both our senior and junior committees.


Design Volunteers
Design volunteers are those people interested in donating their time and expertise to develop the design of the Y-House Project. This includes architectural support and construction support as well as medical advice on design features. This is a specialised volunteer position that requires the volunteer to have some form of experience or skill base in the design or construction field, medical or rehabilitation fields or social work and patient support fields.


Campaign Volunteers
Campaign Volunteers offer up their skills for a set amount of time whilst supporting a particular charity campaign or project. This type of position is suited to someone that has a set period of time they want to donate to working for Y-House as opposed to volunteering on a long-term basis or in a committee position.

Become a Y-House volunteer