The Y-House Foundation Inc.

The Front View

Design Features of the Y-House Project
Y-House has been designed specifically with natural light and open spaces in mind, which is why you will find a lot of glass and full size windows within the building. The Y shaped screen seen in the front view drawing, is not only a cool design feature but has been developed to ensure that first floor bedrooms and personal units have maximum access to light and open spaces but also provide maximum privacy.

The Y-House plan also allows for an underground basement for parking of staff and visitors as well as storage of amenities and equipment relating to the rehabilitation pool as well as general storage.


Y-House is all about getting you back on your feet – literally and figuratively – and back to family, friends and living life the way you chose. With on-site rehab facilities including gym and pool providing the necessary tools for a quicker physics recovery, Y-House will also provide a youthful, vibrant and stimulating social environment, providing for a quicker emotional recovery. The Y-House project will cost an estimated $3.5 million in total and is set to service 25 people at a time and anywhere up to 400 people in the first 5 years depending on the length of each individual stay.