In the current climate, one of the biggest issues we are facing in keeping people connected is limited access to technology. A large number of the young people living in aged care that we work with don’t have access to their own electronic device to access support and stay in touch. In fact, a number of the young people we work with have to wait to use a communal computer at their aged care facility, which is not only time consuming but not ideal for good hygiene practices.

With the introduction of our covid-19 Support Packs we are providing young people in these situations with the critical technology they need to be able to access ongoing support, throughout lockdown and beyond.

In addition to the Support Packs, our program team will also be providing ongoing support to young people living in aged care via online and virtual means. 

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Covid-19 Support Program
please get in contact with our program team.

COVID-19 Support Recipients

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Jodie, 50

Nguyet, 57