The last year has been really hard for all of us and even more so for young people living in aged care. The strict Covid-19 lockdowns have meant many of the young people we work with were isolated from family and friends for months. Some of the young people we work with faced the toughest of lockdowns within their aged care facilities, being restricted to their bedrooms for weeks on end. 


Recently we met Sarah. Sarah is 36 years old and lives in an aged care facility. Sarah is full of charisma and zest for life. One of her favourite things to do is travel into the community with her support worker and like many things this was not possible during lockdown. But, thanks to our generous donors we have been able to supply Sarah with a Covid-19 support pack including a brand new electronic tablet so Sarah can stay connected with her friends and family and enjoy online entertainment.


In order to support others like Sarah, we need your help. We have a full waitlist of young people living in aged care needing Covid support. Help us raise the money for a further 20 Covid-19 Support Packs.
Each Pack Includes:

– Samsung tablet device 
– Protective case
– Stylus
– Colouring book designed by Em Carey 
– Textas
– Invitation to join the Y-Connect platform plus support session with our Y-House team


Our Covid-19 Support Packs provide a direct link for young people living in aged care to their communities, family and friends during lockdowns and beyond.

Covid-19 Support Recipients

Jodie, 50

Emma, 60

Nguyet, 57

David, 54

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Covid-19 Support Program
please get in contact with our program team.